Plastc Card delayed due to Typhoon

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If you haven’t heard the news yet, Plastc card has pushed back their first delivery date towards Q4 2016.

Due to Super Typhoon Nepartak in Taiwan the supply chain of Plastc card is affected. We try to explian why this affected the delivery date.

As Plastc card is produced throughout many places in the world from Asia to Europe to the US great planning is necessary.  What happend is that Plastc booked a production slot in a Taiwan production facility to produce part A. Adjacent to that booked a slot they booked a slot in a production facility in germany where component B is produced and assembled with component A. Now that component A is delayed, the slot they have booked in Germany will not fit because component A is not ready. They now have to rebook a slot in Germany when the parts are finished, but Germany has it’s own planning so they end up in the back of the waiting line. Same for the other four production steps that all delay each other.

It is unfortunate but we still believe in Plastc Card. Go for it and let’s make it a great and 1-card-christmas!

Plastc Card swipe

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