Plastc in Practice – How would you use it?

What would a day with Plastc look like?

When you have Plastc you basically copy your original cards onto Plastc through your phone. Your cards will act as a sort of back up while using Plastc.

All your cards are on Plastc and you will have just one card on you. Going to the cinema or discount shopping in the supermarket will be an experience as you can choose your cards through the e-ink display of Plastc card. Once you have done your groceries you can access your office with the built in NFC capability. At lunch you want to buy lunch for your colleague on the business card, select it and you are on the go. Oh, wait, you still have your loyalty card that should be scanned, so you select the card first.

At 5.00 PM you buy coffee at a kiosk and use your NFC. You then walk to the ATM to get cash from the machine, select your bank card and withdraw cash. All in one card.

When you are in the trial you use Plastc wallet to analyze your spend on that day. You see what your are doing, wehe and when. All in one card. Just grat!

All your cards can be duplicated on PLastc and can be used worldwide!



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