$20 Plastc Discount Code and Plastc Demo Video

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Plastc has brought some exciting news. They have demonstrated a working Plastc card that is actually doing transactions. See video here.

The card is used while swiping through cards and transactions are completed with different cards. The CEO of Plastc is very excited to share this and we are now really looking forward to receive our own card.

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Plastc Card



Plastc Card Delivery date confirmed for Q4 2016

Looking for a $20,- discount code for your Plastc card order?

Use this link: https://share.plastc.com/x/MWTYvA

We’re excited to share the latest news with you! Ryan Marquis confirmed a Q4 2016 shipping date for the first Plastc Cards in his facebook live event. Finally they make a firm commitment to deliver the Plastc card.

Discount code

We get many questions about the discount code for Plastc card. As much as we know the $20,- discount will stay in place, also after pre-orders have been closed. What will be changing is the subscription model for using the Plastc app. This is a lifetime subscription for pre-order customers and will be a $50 yearly subscription.

Plastc Card Header

Plastc Card delayed due to Typhoon

Looking for a $20,- discount code for your Plastc card order?

Use this link: https://share.plastc.com/x/MWTYvA

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Plastc card has pushed back their first delivery date towards Q4 2016.

Due to Super Typhoon Nepartak in Taiwan the supply chain of Plastc card is affected. We try to explian why this affected the delivery date.

As Plastc card is produced throughout many places in the world from Asia to Europe to the US great planning is necessary.  What happend is that Plastc booked a production slot in a Taiwan production facility to produce part A. Adjacent to that booked a slot they booked a slot in a production facility in germany where component B is produced and assembled with component A. Now that component A is delayed, the slot they have booked in Germany will not fit because component A is not ready. They now have to rebook a slot in Germany when the parts are finished, but Germany has it’s own planning so they end up in the back of the waiting line. Same for the other four production steps that all delay each other.

It is unfortunate but we still believe in Plastc Card. Go for it and let’s make it a great and 1-card-christmas!

Plastc Card swipe

Plastc Card Delivery Date

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Plastc Card’s delivery date has been delayed to August-September 2016. They claim they want to deliver an excellent product and therefore delay the delivery date which is to us a brave step to take.

Imagine this: over 100.000+ people waiting for your product, and already paid for your product. Why not ship and see what happens? They paid for it right? Plastc Card took the responsibility to delay the delivery, respond to their backers and telling them that they want to deliver on the promise. To us this sounds like a future proof sustainable approach! We back you Plastc!

All backers who do not believe in this approach can ask for a refund.

Discount code

For those looking for a discount code, please use this link: https://share.plastc.com/x/MWTYvA

Plastc Card Discount Code – February 2016

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Still just three months to go as Plastc is shipping. Other card companies have launched their products and even relaunched newer versions. Although they look quite nice Plastc is promising. It is believed that their sales have exploded still they need to deliver up to expectations.

Plastc Card Discount Code gives you $20 discount on Plastc when ordering. An incentive not to be missed.

Please be quick as their model will change after pre-ordering into more of a subscription model.

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I am very thankful for all the reactions and questions about all the different cards we have reviewed on this blog. People are very interested in the different cards and our opinion is that Plastc card is still the best card out there (theoretically). Also keep using the Plastc discount code it will give you $20 discount and can be used as much as you like.

We appreciate all the support and will keep hunting for competitors and other news.  In the meanwhile just another 18 weeks to go an counting. Please comment for questions!


Plastc in Practice – How would you use it?

What would a day with Plastc look like?

When you have Plastc you basically copy your original cards onto Plastc through your phone. Your cards will act as a sort of back up while using Plastc.

All your cards are on Plastc and you will have just one card on you. Going to the cinema or discount shopping in the supermarket will be an experience as you can choose your cards through the e-ink display of Plastc card. Once you have done your groceries you can access your office with the built in NFC capability. At lunch you want to buy lunch for your colleague on the business card, select it and you are on the go. Oh, wait, you still have your loyalty card that should be scanned, so you select the card first.

At 5.00 PM you buy coffee at a kiosk and use your NFC. You then walk to the ATM to get cash from the machine, select your bank card and withdraw cash. All in one card.

When you are in the trial you use Plastc wallet to analyze your spend on that day. You see what your are doing, wehe and when. All in one card. Just grat!

All your cards can be duplicated on PLastc and can be used worldwide!


Plastc card discount code

$20 off on Plastc Card with this Discount Code. In between our updates on competitors we get a lot of questions about the availability of a discount code for Plastc. And yes, good news, we still have  a discount code available.

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Another Plastc Card Challenger | Swyp

The fintech market is rapidly changing. With large corporations putting their money on the payments industry, think Google, Apple and Samsung, it is almost inevitable that they will be disrupting the payments market. Besides Crypto currencies like Bitcoin that reinvent the banking principles and the way banks think the recognized corporations are aiming at being the new payment processors.

Another stream of disruption are the digital card providers like Plastc card and Coin 2.0. These tech companies aim at replacing all the cards in your wallet by letting you copy your card onto theirs making the original cards unnecessary.

One of the other players on the market is Swyp. Swyp aims to replace your cards by allowing you to copy your cards onto their own card. Swyp can hold up to 25 cards on their wallet and only work with a magnetic strip. The magnetic strip is programmable and through the software and display of the card you are able to select the card that you want to use.

Swyp card

The card is connect to your phone through bluetooth and notifies you when your phone and card are separated from each other. The card will lock when not around making it a secure solution.Swyp does support EMV over time with an over the air update. NFC is not supported unfortunately.

Swipe is expected to be shipped before summer 2016.

For more information check out the video below or visit their website http://www.swypcard.com

Plastc Discount Code | A Promo code for Plastc Card

Are you ready to order Plastc card? The card should replace all your cards in your wallet and together with the app you are able to manage your finances. A two-in-one solution for those who want to take their finances to a next level.

I personally am a fan of this product and therefore will try to keep you updated on developments of this product.

In the meanwhile I proudly present you the discount code for your Plastc Card order. <Link expired>> Please check our latest post

For question please comment in the box below